Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Something Wild

Since day one I`ve been crass and far beyond.
I couldn`t cry... Before you gauge me,
take a look at yourself. Condescending, outlivin`in a lie...
Despite all the pain in my heart grinding through,
it ain`t due that you hate what you do.
 Despite all the piety you`ve been consuming thus far, a backstabbing motherfu**er to the bone is what you are
And everyday when the knife is in my back starts to twinge n`turn ,
my eyes are catchingfire and my heart starts to burn.
A foot away from you is like a bit closer to heaven,then again it`s like beeing Needled 24/7
You look down to see methe scum of the earth to be. Fu** yeah, that`s me, vile and obscene. Hey I ain`t happy about it at least
I don`t judge and decree to be better than another human being.

Children of Bodom ..